Solar Power Projects

One of the major components of Smart City initiative, which NDMC is part of, is to reduce the dependence of cities on non-renewable energy resources and shift toward the use of renewable energy resources. Solar energy and energy efficient and green buildings have been prescribed as a focus for Smart Cities’ energy requirement management.

Impacts of solar initiatives-

  1. Reduced dependency on conventional source s of power.
  2. Reduced carbon emission contributing to reduced environmental pollution.
  3. Cost cutting for government office s with respect to power bills.

The total cost incurred for installing the solar power capacity was INR 93,908,425. The funding is through a mix of RESCO and Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) model. According to the policy, the project has also received a 30 percent capital subsidy from the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.

Solar Integrated Lighting Poles : The council plans to install 55 smart poles in Connaught Place and five other major roads under its jurisdiction. The step by NDMC is new initiatives where smart lighting technology will help the city run more efficiently, making it look futuristic at the same time. The body of the poles is used as solar panels. The DISCOM is also maintaining 10,000 new and efficient octagonal streetlight poles that have been installed by the Public Works Department (PWD).

Solar Bus Queue Shelters : NDMC has taken a positive initiative towards Smart City in Delhi by installing solar panels at bus stops as a pilot project. NDMC also plans to develop roads and bus stops. NDMC has converted a small portion into smart roads by installing solar panels and the same would be replicated across New Delhi area.

The goal is not only to provide convenience to all the passengers by setting up solar bus stops but also produce clean energy for the environment. The plan is to generate more electricity.

Two state-of-the-art solar bus queue shelters are already functional on Shanti Path which would be the template for four more. The top and sides of these Bus Shelter Queues (BSQ) are covered with solar panels embedded in toughened glass fixed in steel framework making it first such endeavor in the country.

Key Features are aesthetic in appearance, generates 2.7 kW each, connected to the grid and roof and walls of BQS is made of tempered glasses and sandwiching solar panels

Solar Trees : Giving a boost to its solar power initiatives, the New Delhi Municipal Council will install four more solar trees in Central Delhi area. The council has already installed one solar tree at B Block in Connaught Place and is eyeing more such units.

The solar tree has nine petals, top of which are covered with flexible solar panels, capable of generating 1.26KW. It has a sitting area for 16 persons and is equipped with IP67 digital interactive panel, LED lights and charging points for mobiles.

Apart from providing mobile charging facility, it is giving an aesthetic look particularly after sunset, when the leaves of the solar tree light up. This has been developed by Steel Authority of India (SAIL) and the solar panels have been sourced from Central Electronics Limited (CEL).

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