Smart Parking

A total of 87 Nos. parking lots (5392 four-wheeler parking spots, 2237 two-wheeler parking spots) within NDMC area have been identified under this project, wherein a long term smart parking solution is envisaged by NDMC. The key objectives of smart parking are as below:

  1. Develop a user friendly smart sensor based IT enabled parking system with a real-time based mobile application, that can be implemented in parking lots to ease parking hassles;
  2. Parking guidance for users assisted by clear and simple directions on mobile platform;
  3. Availability of parking slot on real-time through web portal / parking App and optimization of parking lot occupancy;
  4. Real-time update of entry & exit of vehicle, parking violations;
  5. Improved revenues through enhanced efficiency and transparency;
  6. Improved user satisfaction by saving time, effort & cost;
  7. Flexibility of tariff fixation (if required and decided by NDMC) based on the demand (Peak, non-peak, special events etc.);
  8. Availability of real-time data for analysis and business Intelligence for understanding consumer behavior, parking demand and supply.

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