Integrated Command and Control Center

By this project, the vision of the NDMC is to provide Integrated City Operations Platform (ICOP) with combination of Command and Control, Data Visualization and Sensor Integration Technologies into a Common Operating Picture that improves whole communities’ response to and management of planned and unplanned events, and builds the capability and resiliency of agencies charged with citizen safety, infrastructure protection, and relief activities. the Central Command and Control Centre will be the nodal point of availability of all online data and information related to smart services like LED Street lighting, CCTV surveillance cameras, air quality sensors, Smart Parking system, Wi-Fi, electricity and water SCADA and billing, GIS, Electric and water meters, e-hospitals, property tax management, estate management, engineering system, asset management system, and other services.

NDMC has set up a secondary Command and Control Centre at the First Floor, Palika Kendra to monitor online facilities available in different projects, wherein following services are being monitored: (i) Live feed of CCTVs cameras from Smart Parking Phase I; (ii) Live feed of CCTVs cameras and Air Quality Sensors from Smart Pole Phase I; (iii) CCTVs installed in various NDMC buildings, offices, schools, hospitals etc (iv) GPS based monitoring of garbage vehicles and monitoring of bins through RFID Tags; (v) Individually controlled street light installed under Smart Street Light Phase I; (vi) Monitoring and redressal of citizen grievances received through NDMC 311 Mobile App.

NDMC 311 Mobile App is the perfect way to communicate with NDMCSCL

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