Health ATMs

NDMC has installed a Health ATM at Palika Kendra Dispensary as a pilot project. It has automated health screening with integrated devices with checkup option of over 40 health parameters. The patients can just walk-in to the Health ATM to get a quick preventive health checkup on prescription with doctors. The machine also has a provision through which one can communicate with a doctor through a web camera.

The Health ATMs will have a sensor that will measure parameters such as body temperature, blood pressure, height, weight, and body mass index, density of fluid in the body, fat content and muscular content, as well as and, rapid test option and instant test report for epidemic diseases like dengue, malaria, HIV and Typhoid, all blood test, haemogram and lipid profile, various urine and pregnancy test and ECG.

Such Health ATMs has been installed at CharakPalika Hospital, Dharam Marg Polyclinic, Palika Maternity Hospital and TB Polyclinic in the year 2019-20.

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