Vision & Goals


For a country with the second largest population and poised to become one of the largest economies, nothing short of being the best capital city in the world would do justice.

NDMC Vision for Smart City is thus :

“To be the Global Benchmark for a Capital City”


The Goals emerging from the City Vision of NDMCSCL are:

  1. Urban mobility Enhanced access to sustainable public transport, smart parking, non-motorized vehicles (NMVs) and last mile connectivity.
  2. Inclusive city Addressing the needs of the most vulnerable citizens including women, children, disabled and trans-gender individuals
  3. City planning and design Improved quality of life through citizen focused planning
  4. Social development Focus on improved education and healthcare through incorporation of ICT
  5. World’s capital Setting global standards to meet citizens aspirations

Key impacts

The key impacts of the vision and goals on the citizen are expected to be:

  1. Improved standard of living within the city - All the residents would have access to core infrastructure facilities including 24x7 clean water supply and uninterrupted power supply.
  2. Improvement in air quality of the city - Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  3. Improvement in mobility through efficient traffic management
  4. Provision of facilities to promote walkability and cyclability within the city
  5. Sustainability - Financial and Environmental
  6. Safe, healthy and uniquely inviting public places - Recreational and entertainment opportunities for the residents and the visitors.
  7. Skill Development - A diverse workforce which is equipped with the skills that are in demand
  8. Waste minimization and conservation of resources.
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