Smart City Framework

The Smart City Mission (SCM) is to contribute to overall impetus of the government to transform cities into engines of economic growth. The broad objectives of the Mission are: (a) provision of core infrastructure and decent quality of life to residents, (b) application of Smart Solutions, and (c) ensuring clean and sustainable environment.

Hence, under the SCM, Smart Cities are to features but are not centered exclusively on technology; and the cities will include emphasis on area-based development, citizen preferences, and basic infrastructure and services. On the similiar lines, framework of NDMC Smart City is built on the following four pillers :

  1. Physical Infrastructure
    This includes access to utilities such as water, electricity, sewerage and connectivity.

  2. Social Infrastructure
    This includes infrastructure for performance and creative arts, sports, theatres, concert halls, open spaces, children’s parks and gardens

  3. Value Infrastructure
    Value Infrastructure refers to the aspirations for establishing the city’s culture and identity. This includes need for improving the civic sense of the general population.

  4. Smart Governance
    Smart Governance refers to the desire to have participatory governance and a more responsive administration.

A firm foundation combined with a strong framework gives us the opportunity to reach incredible heights. Following provide a strong foundation to the NDMC smart city framework :

  1. Innovation
    The innovation is a process that describes the path of translating new and/or existing knowledge into markable solutions.

  2. ICT Framework
    New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) aims to implement a high quality, efficient ICT-supported hybrid platform to simplify hosting, enablement and access to an umbrella services for its smart city initiative.

  3. Regulatory Framework
    To improve and augment existing Regulatory Framework in Place.

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